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Updates and Jobs Completed

Abba Welding Advertisement in the paper. 06 July 2017

Completed 1250 Bucket. 
Stripped and rebuilt including new shell and complete wear package. With a Fresh coat of paint to top it off.

Custom Fabricated in our local workshop. This 10mm poly water tank with 5 2" bsp outlets using our extrusion welder and socket welding expertise. This tank is being utilized on a Drill Rig exploration.

Completed Acid Bath.

Made with HDPE Polystone, by our experts here at Abba Welding. 

Fabricated Lime Silo Discharge Chute. Made from 12mm thick steel plate. Sandblasted, primed and painted ready for site use.

Fabricated flushing manifold. Made from 400mm SDR11 Poly Pipe. Completed for a mine site.

Fabricated 4.5 tonne tow bar. Custom made from steel. 

Fabricated poly stand pipe with steel bracing, 315mm base with 200mm upright for filling a 773 water cart.

Fabricated 110mm lifting clamps made from steel to lift and stabilise Poly Pipe.

Fabricated chute with modifications all made from steel finished off with a sandblast, prime and a paint job.

Road Base Screen made from 450 Hard-ox 16mm plate. Cut into 6 sections for easy replacement. Custom Fabrication of RHS completed over 2 days along with Hard-ox panels.

A few of Abba Weldings vehicles and machinery at a mine site completing a job.

Abba Weldings new skid mounted CD103M pump mobilized for site.