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Address: 6 Federal Road, Kalgoorlie WA 6430

​Email: bookkeeping@abbawelding.com

Phone: (08) 9021 5519

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Equipment & Capabilities.

Our approach involves being able to offer mobile services across the whole nation. Our large variety of works allows us to deliver practical solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Mobilization of Work Trucks & Light Vehicles 

* We have 3 mobile units that are equipped with Generators, Welders, Lifting Crane and Tool boxes. With 2 trucks capable of transporting a crew of Six personnel to any destination with a large number of supplies.

* Local deliveries within 300km's of Kalgoorlie using our 3.5 tonne truck can carry lengths up to 8 meters.

* 7 seater Land cruiser to move larger number of personnel and is equipped with all Mine site certifications for surface use.

* Light utility vehicles are an optimal solution for projects within distant, isolated areas with a requirement of smaller crew and resources

Backhoe/Excavating and Elevated Work Platforms.

* As a compliment to many piping projects and water facilities, our Backhoe is prepped and ready for use even for Dry Hire.

* Our JLG Elevating Work Platforms have inbuilt generators which allow us to perform above ground efficiently and effectively. Contracts for hire are also available upon request.

Pipe Benders/Steel Fabrication Equipment.

Guillotine, Plasma Cutters, Hydraulic Press, Pipe Benders and other fabrication equipment allows us to be Australian producers of hand railing, roof installations, construction pillars and section rolls.


Our CD103M pumps features the unique high pressure oil bath mechanical seal design. This allows for totally dry running for indefinite periods while automatically priming and re-priming, it can perform in the toughest conditions and can handle solids up to 75mm in diameter. This makes the pump suitable for slurry and clean water applications.