Polymer Engineering

* Polyethylene welding is one of our prime market segments. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we've welded, relocated and fabricated all kinds of plastics. From simple poly-carbonate sheets, polyethylene pipes to acrylonitrile  butadiene styrene custom engineering. We are ready to provide innovative solutions in plastic processing.

Polywelding Equipment

* We use and hire out a Fusion Master Dixon and HF225 Poly-welders. They are considered to be a standard in butt fusion welding and are capable of welding from 40mm to 450mm pipe. Mobile, efficient and effective welding machines that tend to work best on surface and in underground mining.

Ritmo Delta 630 All Terrain

* Sophisticated butt welding machine designed to face the toughest working conditions in Australia. Trench friendly, computer numerical control (CNC) operated welder can weld pipes as big as 600mm at high pressure. This allows us to weld large diameter pipes at an efficient rate of 60% faster then standard welders.

* GPS Co-ordinates and welding parameters of each weld are also supplied to project Management as per legislation requirements. 

630 Poly Welder

* 630 Poly Welder is suitable for welding pipe and fittings from 355mm to 630mm. It is a compact design, with self contained heater, facer and electric hydraulic pump mounted onto the machine frame. Making it a easy one man job.


* The hydraulic valving allows pre-setting of up to 3 working pressures.  Joins rapidly with the powerful hydraulic facer motor and heats to the appropriate temperature within 20 minutes​.​​

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